The NYU Brand Lab is a collaborative effort of students, staff and alumni of the NYU M.S. Integrated Marketing:

The M.S. in Integrated Marketing program at NYU-SCPS prepares you with the theoretical knowledge, the analytical skills, and the most effective methodologies required to become a leader who is able to implement compelling marketing campaigns, to grow market share, and to increase an organization’s bottom line. Distinctive for the breadth and the depth of topics in which it immerses students, the program provides a strong foundation in finance, campaign management, strategic planning, database management and modeling, digital marketing, and leadership, all of which help you to anticipate and to address the needs of this ever-changing and exciting profession. You can specialize in key areas including: digital marketing, brand management, or marketing analytics.

With the rapid evolution of new technologies and an increasingly sophisticated consumer population, it is crucial for companies and organizations to reach customers in new and innovative ways in order to gain the competitive edge.

Jobs are growing in the field of marketing because social networking and new interactive methods of communicating with customers are demanding fresh ideas and new approaches. Competition is high for managerial positions in this field, and earning a master’s degree is one way to help your résumé stand out with recruiters and prospective employers.

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